Steps to Home buying
Buying a Home?
Not sure where to start?


The first step to finding a home is to find a good Realtor.  Since you are reading this and if you do not have a Realtor, feel free to check my site out and I would be happy to assist you with finding a home. Not in Connecticut or Massachusetts. That is ok, I have access to a large database of Realtors around the country. Top agents who will work on your behalf! If you do have a Realtor, great! Let's keep reading!

 Next is finding a good Lender! Ask your Realtor, call local banks and see what options are available to you! Finding out how much you can afford is crucial before you go out shopping!  

Then comes the fun part! Shopping! Looking at homes is fun but can be overwhelming too.  To reduce the stress determine a few things up front. How many bedrooms, baths, acres, garages etc. are necessary or just nice to haves, this will help to narrow your search and keep you on track during your search. 

Now you found the house you want! Time to put in an offer! What does that look like?